7 ways to survive pregnancy bed rest


In the rush of our daily lives, the thought of mandated bed rest sounds like a dream: No more alarm clocks, harried mornings or rush hour traffic – and your office job? Just forget about it! But when your doctor orders you to stay in bed, it won’t be long before the reality of your confinement comes crashing in. Here’s how to battle the monotony of a pregnancy bed rest:

1. Reach out: Just because you can’t step foot outside, doesn’t mean you have to cut ties with the outside world. Bring your phone to bed and stay connected, catching up with friends and family by voice or video call.

2.  Play host: While you may not be in the mood for hosting guests, having a pal or family member over will do wonders to boost your spirits. Snuggle up under a blanket, have your partner make some popcorn and hunker down for a night of movie-watching. If you need ideas for good flicks to watch during pregnancy, we have a handful of great picks!

3. Learn something new: If you’re growing tired of laying around all day in front of the TV, give your brain a workout. Pick up a new hobby you can do easily from bed, such as knitting or drawing. Or dedicate some time each day to researching a topic you love online. So, you’ve always been interested in women nurses in the Civil War? Now’s the time to delve in and become an expert!

4. Escape through a good story: Keep yourself entertained with stories in every medium. Pack your bedside table with books and magazines, your DVD player with an endless supply of movies, and your iPod with podcasts galore. Sinking into a good story will have you forgetting your troubles in no time.

5. Don’t live in a bunker: Just because you’re forced into a reclusive existence, doesn’t mean should stop taking care of the place. Throw open your curtains and let the sunshine in. Fill the room with music. Top your nightstand with fresh blooms. Fluff up the duvet and make your bedroom a cheery, peaceful place you truly want to be.

6. Pamper yourself: Check your local listings for mini spas on the go. Some estheticians make their business doing house calls. Can you imagine having a manicure or facial right in the comfort of your own bed? Sounds pretty decadent to us.

7. Stay on track: Change out of your pajamas and slip into clean, comfortable clothes each morning. Eat a nourishing breakfast and clean yourself up for the day. You may not be able to do much outside of the cozy confines of your bed, but sticking to a routine will help you soldier through.

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