Pregnancy week 5: The fun is just beginning!


By the time you reach the fifth week of your pregnancy, your unborn child will be the size of a sesame seed, but despite his or her tiny size, this is when the fun parts of pregnancy really kick in. Why now? Well, there’s a lot happening in your body; the fetus is developing his or her heart, muscles, cartilage and various layers of skin. It’s like a tiny construction site is operating in your uterus and, like any construction project, it’s bound to cause some disruption in the immediate area, as in your body.

Hold on to your body pillow, it’s gonna get rough! 
Clear your calendar, because in pregnancy week five you will have a schedule jam packed with morning sickness, fatigue, frequent urination and sore breasts. Food cravings will also begin, and this is a particularly cruel part of the pregnancy experience, as you are beset by both the cravings and nausea at the same time.

While moving around may be the last thing you want to do, developing a pregnancy exercise routine at this point is a great way to make your pregnancy and recovery easier. Working out will help your body better handle the pregnancy by building strength and endurance, which will help you carry the new kid around. Also, it can make labor easier and assist you in getting your body get back to normal once the baby is born. Choose a relatively low impact workout such as power walking or swimming, but be sure to consult your doctor before doing so.

Making changes and spreading the word
Obviously you’re not going to be able to do everything you could before you became pregnant, and while certain things like smoking and drinking obviously need to be cut out of your life, there some other changes that may not have occurred to you. 
For example, you have to baby proof and pregnancy proof your home and work place.

If you use chemicals at work, consult your doctor about any potential dangers, and the same goes for any cleaning solvents you use at home. Even the tap water could be unsafe, as older pipes can contain lead and other potentially harmful substances. Switching to bottled water is an easy fix for this problem!

The fun part of pregnancy at this point is the anticipation that you and your partner are going through, and chances are, you can’t wait to spill it to your friends. Some people choose to wait until after the third month has passed because at that point the chance of miscarriage is diminished. Talk it out with your partner and if he or she is cool with it, shout it from the roof tops!

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