5 things new moms do that their non-mom friends hate


As a first time mother, every coo your little one makes is sure to send a flutter of warmth and love surging through your heart. And while this is totally natural – and in fact, inescapable – the hard truth is that while your baby may have you and your partner utterly enraptured, he or she may not be as exciting to your single friends who may not have children.

So how can you tell if you’re starting to morph from a hip, cool and still completely interesting adult who just happens to have a baby to a full-blown obsessive when it comes to all things that go goo-goo ga-ga? Below are five signs you’re veering into annoying territory with your non-mom friends.

Giving too much information

One of the most common faux pas that first-time parents make when it comes to their babies is oversharing tidbits about their little ones that no one wants to know about.

For example, gabbing to your buds about the consistency of your baby’s poop or your child’s burping habits is not a substitute for a good conversation with friends. However, this can also vary depending on the company, so try to be considerate about what kind of details you divulge, and to whom you’re speaking.

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Making your Facebook all about your baby

You know the couples who get together and immediately begin to plaster images of themselves all over each other’s Facebook accounts, along with revealing status updates about their relationship and their feelings for each other?

If it annoyed you to witness this, just imagine what having a baby can do for your friends if you take this approach. While it’s perfectly acceptable to post the occasional image of your child if you’re comfortable with it, try to be considerate of the fact that not all people want to know intimate details about your family life. No matter whether you just had the baby or you’re in your first trimester, thoughtfulness is key to keeping your friends from feeling overwhelmed.

Putting your baby on the phone

Looking for a way to annoy your single gal pals to no end? If so, putting your baby on the phone is the easiest way to do it, especially if he or she isn’t speaking yet. Unless you’re talking to a relative who specially requests it, avoid this move at all costs.

Forgetting all boundaries

When you have your first child, it’s natural that the transition from free and unfettered adulthood to serious parental obligations will be a little rocky to start. That being said, you should be mindful of certain boundaries between your loved ones and your family. Don’t ask friends to smell your baby, check his or her diaper or answer questions about your breast milk, as this could really make them feel uneasy.

Judging friends for not having babies

Of all the annoying or frustrating things you could do to irritate your single friends, perhaps the most unforgivable is prying into the reasons why a friend may not have children. From passing judgment on a loved one’s status as a woman without kids to acting superior because you have a little one, this kind of behavior can alienate friends and make someone feel inadequate.

While all of the other things you could do may be passing annoyances more than anything else, this kind of hurtful attitude has the potential to negatively impact your friendships in serious ways.

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