How to keep sex fun when you’re trying to conceive


When you’re trying to figure out how to get pregnant naturally and are obsessing over the best days to get pregnant, having sex with your partner might start to feel a little forced – especially if you’ve been trying for a while. What if neither of you is in the mood when it’s prime time in your cycle to make a baby? Should you go for it anyway even though you’d much rather settle in for sleep?

It’s definitely tough for many couples to keep the romance alive in the bedroom when they’re trying to conceive. Stressing out over when to have sex and how often can make people focus on the end result of sex instead of the actual act, which isn’t nearly as exciting. But the good news is that you don’t have to settle for average sex. Here are some ways to heat things up even when your sexual activities have a goal in mind.

Don’t just have sex on baby-making days
It’s important to keep your sex life as normal as possible when you’re trying to conceive. Although you’ll need to have more sex during the days when you’re ovulating, you shouldn’t neglect to get frisky throughout the rest of the month. Having sex on a regular basis will reduce stress levels and pressure to perform during the time when sex is most fruitful – and it’s healthy for your body and relationship, too!

Switch it up
Having sex in the same place (your bed), at the same time (before bed), in the same position (missionary) can certainly get boring. Instead of sticking with a routine, change things up a bit next time you’re ready for action. Do it somewhere new, like in the living room, bathroom or kitchen – even on the stairs might be fun. Try different positions, like doggie style or girl-on-top. And try to be more spontaneous about when you do it, too. If you have a few extra minutes before you have to get ready for work, seize the opportunity. Hop in the shower once your partner’s already inside, or jump him when he gets home from work.

Don’t forget foreplay
It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone – especially if they’re not particularly aroused in the first place. While it’s essential for your partner to get off in order to conceive, your orgasm might fall by the wayside if you let it – but don’t! If you orgasm more often, you’re not as likely to get bored with sex. Start by asking your partner for a bit more foreplay to get yourself in the mood, like kissing or touching for at least five minutes. Oral sex is another great way to get warmed up. When you’re ready for sex, think about using a vibrator to stimulate yourself while your partner is inside you to increase your chances of climaxing.

Boost your libido
To make it less likely that you won’t be in the mood for sex, make sure you have a healthy libido. You can increase your sex drive naturally by exercising to stay (or get) fit, eating healthier foods to achieve the same goal (and boost your self-confidence while you’re at it), drinking red wine on a regular basis (but not overdoing it, of course), receiving regular massages and spending quality alone time with your partner. If you’re healthy, feel good about yourself and are happy with your relationship, why wouldn’t you want to have sex and start the next phase of your love life: pregnancy!


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