How to let your husband know what you really want this Valentine’s Day


When you’re in your second trimester and are barely able to fit your swelling feet into your favorite pair of shoes, going to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day may be the last thing you want to do. If you’re worried that your husband might not know about how you envision celebrating the holiday of love, don’t force him to figure out what you want on his own! Telling him exactly what you want to do is a fail-safe way to end up with the evening you’ve been dreaming of, but if you’d rather leave a few obvious tips, consider the following advice.

You want to relax. Perhaps getting ready for your baby’s arrival has left you a bit run down emotionally and physically. By regularly mentioning that you need some time to take a break, he’ll likely get the hint that you’re in the mood for a calm Valentine’s Day evening. Let him know that you’d love to have him cook for you, so the two of you can dine at home and spend some intimate time together.

You want to be pampered. All of the aches and pains of pregnancy may have you in the mood for a little TLC. Let your husband know how much you love it when he rubs your feet or gives you a massage. You might even want to suggest that the most romantic thing you can think of is an evening spent pampering each other.

You want to be desired. Your growing baby bump may have you feeling a little self-conscious about your figure, even if your partner is always telling you how beautiful you look. If you tell him that you’ve been having a hard time connecting to your sexier side while expecting, he’ll be sure to remind you of how attractive you are this V-day.

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