You might be in your second trimester if …

March 12, 2013 by

You might be in your second trimester if …

Wondering how you can tell which trimester you’re in? If any of the following situations applies to you, you can bet you’re in the midst of your second trimester!

– You’ve started to remember what it’s like to be a functional human being again. Eating, sleeping and getting intimate with your partner are no longer impossible.

– Whenever someone refers to the “honeymoon period,” you can’t help but wonder if you should start planning a second honeymoon before the baby comes. Celebs have been giving you ideas for trendy maternity clothes that would make a killer travel wardrobe, after all.

– You feel like an old woman every time you stand up and have to try stretching your aching lower back.

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– Brushing your teeth turns into a gory twice-a-day horror show. Why is there so much blood?!

– Every time you look in the mirror, you can’t help but turn to the side and stare at your boobs. They’re looking pretty awesome lately – and your partner has noticed.

– You’re no longer in a close relationship with your toilet, but unfortunately it’s only a temporary break-up.

– Every time you shower and blow dry your hair afterward, you feel like you’re filming for a shampoo commercial. Even those models don’t have hair this luscious!

– On the other end of the spectrum, looking at your arms, legs and even chin can bring images of Sasquatch to mind. Is it okay to shave your face?

– You feel something going on in your tummy and brush it off as gas bubbles. But are gas bubbles usually this rhythmic?

– You put your favorite blush and highlighter away for a while – your natural glow has nothing on those fake flushes!

 You might be in your second trimester if ...– You can’t kid yourself anymore by trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes. That belly just won’t fit into those skinny jeans.

– You use any excuse you can find to go on a shopping spree. You need new evening maternity dresses in case you’re invited to a formal event. You can’t fit into your shoes. Your old razor just doesn’t cut it (literally).

– Your partner has woken you up on more than one occasion telling you to turn over and stop snoring in his face.

– You’re starting to feel like Buddha now that everyone wants to rub your belly.

– Weird dreams and crazy nightmares are regular occurrences. Why do you keep giving birth to kittens?

– You can actually make it through a sappy commercial without crying these days. But you’re still likely to sob during a romantic comedy.

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