You know you’re in your third trimester if …


Wondering how to tell which trimester you’re in? If any of the following situations apply to you, you can bet you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy and are almost ready to pop!

– You’re starting to forget what it feels like to be truly comfortable. Didn’t lounging on your couch used to feel good?

– You’re pretty much over the whole pregnancy thing. Isn’t it time for this baby to come out already?

– You’re more or less outraged when your due date passes and not so much as a cramp happens in your abdominal region.

– You’re beginning to wonder if it’s possible that your baby could snap your ribs with all that kicking going on.

– You’ve started to think of your boobs as udders. At this point, they’re probably leaking colostrum, and you can’t help but think of yourself as a dairy cow.

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– Whether or not you take a trip to the beach, you can’t help but feel a little sympathy for beached whales, because now you know how they feel.

– You panic every time you feel a Braxton Hicks contraction. Was that the real thing? Should you call someone?

– Forget stylish maternity clothes – you actually consider picking up a pair of compression stockings. Maybe they’ll help with all that swelling.

– “Clumsy” doesn’t even begin to describe your movements.

– Every time your nose starts to tickle, you automatically cross your legs, just in case you might sneeze and, subsequently, leak.Third_tri_quote

– Each time you walk into a public place, you can’t help but wonder if your water’s going to break. Isn’t that what always happens in the movies?

– You can barely sleep at night because of the excitement.

– You take advantage of the fact that you’re about to pop by asking friends and family members to do you favors. They wouldn’t want you straining yourself, right?

– You always feel like you’re forgetting something each time you evaluate the contents of your hospital bag. What could it be?

– You spend more time in the baby’s room than any other room in your house … except maybe the bathroom.

– After your due date’s passed, you start wondering if there’s a fourth trimester no one’s ever told you about. Has anyone ever been 10 months pregnant?

– You’re sick of answering the phone only to tell yet another person that no, you haven’t gone into labor yet. Stop calling!

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