Are there health risks of mobile 5G technology for your baby?


While this no hard science that we know of that shows risks of mobile 5G technology for your baby, you should be aware of what we don’t know.

Nine months after giving birth to my oldest daughter I was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Before giving birth to my youngest daughter I thought back on that experience and knew I didn’t want to go through that again.

I started thinking of ways to support myself ahead of time. One of those ways was by hiring a postpartum doula. Let me tell you… that was one of THE best things I’ve ever done for myself (in my life)! I’m not exaggerating. It made an enormous difference in my ability to heal, cope, mother, rest, and avoid a second bout of postpartum depression.

After that experience, I literally cried thinking that every single woman deserves and should have this kind of support. If only it were built into our healthcare system like it is in some other countries. This entire topic could be its own blog post or podcast episode. However, for today, I just I wanted to share a bit of that experience to lead into another story…

My postpartum doula helped me in so many ways, one of which was going with me to the pediatric chiropractor with my baby. My 4 week old had an extended tummy and uncomfortable gas. It seems she had been swallowing a lot of air when she ate (breastfeeding issues… again, for another blog or podcast episode…)

While at the chiropractor’s office (who helped my baby girl with her tummy troubles) my doula put her cell phone in her sports bra strap right above her breast. The chiropractor immediately said, “Oh no! Don’t do that! Love your boobs!” Caught off guard, my doula took her phone out and said, “Ok. Why?”

My chiropractor talked a little about her concerns and how having our cell phones in close proximity to our breasts could potentially affect the cells in our bodies negatively.

Have you heard of this? Is this something you’re concerned about?

The caution against electromagnetic frequencies, wifi signals, and cell radiation from phones and towers have been getting a lot of attention lately. There is a new initiative to put 5G towers in front of houses on neighborhood streets. Just last year Montgomery County in Maryland banned this initiative in their local neighborhoods. Last week Brussels became the first major city to ban 5G wireless connection

This all came to mind as I was scrolling through potential podcast episodes to listen to during my drive from Utah to Vegas a few weeks ago. The Weston A. Price Foundation had an episode on 5G and since I had just heard the news about Montgomery County, I decided to listen in…. and it was fascinating.

At this point, it may seem a little “woo-woo” to some of you. The science may not be settled yet. However, I always like to proceed with caution with many different things in life, including new technologies being introduced.

If you’re concerned about risks of mobile 5G technology for your baby and would like to make some adjustments to reduce your family’s exposure, I’ve pulled together a few ideas.

Easy things you can do if you’d like to limit your exposure:

1. Turn your wifi off at night. You can plug the modem into an outlet with a plug-in timer. That way you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off, it’ll do it automatically. Or turn it off manually each night and turn it back on when you need it in the morning.

2. When not using your cell phone or when sleeping, put your cell phone in airplane mode with the wifi turned off. Sometimes moms like to use the white noise on the phone for their sleeping baby. When the phone is near your baby, put it in airplane mode whenever you can.

3. If you can’t turn off your wifi at night, be sure to move the modem away from your bed or your children’s beds.

There may be no risk of mobile 5G technology. for your baby. However, as with anything in life and in parenthood, do your own research and decide what feels best for you and your family.

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