Make 2018 your year for pregnancy and new-mom self-care


3 ways to bring self-care home

Endless OB/GYN appointments. Work deadlines. Depressing news stories. Busy schedules. It’s no wonder why more and more people are turning to self-care to bring balance to their hectic lives and take refuge from the distracting world.  While most of us can’t traipse off to an exotic retreat every time we feel stressed, there are several ways to bring the retreat to you–in every room of your home. For expectant moms especially, whose bodies are undergoing constant changes and stresses, taking a moment for yourself is extra important. Here’s how to get started.

Create your kitchen oasis

The kitchen isn’t just the heart of the home–it can also be a wellspring for self-care. Stock your pantry with soothing teas, place a favorite candle on the counter, fill the shelves of the fridge with wholesome fruits and vegetables, and stash your favorite dark chocolate treats in an accessible drawer. It’s also worth the effort to take time to clear counters and set the tone for your home and your day.

Escape to the bathroom

We often associate the bathroom with routine and hygiene, so this room is a natural place to practice self-care–especially as you undergo the daily stresses of pregnancy. Use this space to practice gratitude for your body as you clean and care for it and take advantage of the quiet privacy to give yourself a few moments with your breath. Adding a scented candle, Epsom salts, and essential oils can help create a calming experience any time you need to break away for a minute (or twenty).

Find sanctuary in the bedroom

As the room that sets the stage for how you begin and end your days, your bedroom is an ideal sanctuary. Creating a space for self-care in the bedroom can be as easy as making the bed, placing your journal on the bedside table, hanging an inspirational quote on the wall, and removing laundry and toys from the floor.

What makes you feel good in your home is highly personal, so it’s worth investing time and energy into what colors, scents, textures, and tools help lift you up, wind you down, or center your mood. There truly is “no place like home” to help you find and collect yourself, no matter which room you find yourself in.

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