Top 10 reasons why it’s awesome being pregnant during the holidays


The holiday season is in full swing, and this year, you may be about to experience the festivities during a pregnancy. At first, you might think that being pregnant during the holidays will put a damper on the fun you would normally have on Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s. That’s where you would be wrong.

Top 10 reasons why being pregnant over the holidays is actually downright fabulous.

1. You can get out of almost anything. Dreading the thought of Christmas shopping, hosting Thanksgiving dinner or cleaning up after your in-laws? No problem – just pull the pregnancy card. While you should only use this once during the holiday season (to remain on your family’s good side), it’s perfectly okay to put the kibosh on something you’re not looking forward to simply because you’re not feeling up to it while pregnant. They’ll take your word for it.

2. There’s no feeling guilty at the dinner table. Some of the best foods in existence are whipped up during the holidays, and this year you have a legitimate excuse to eat more of them than you normally would. Take advantage of the fact that you need extra calories by going back for seconds.

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3. Your holiday attire will never be more comfortable. Forget about that itchy Christmas sweater or tight dress on New Year’s – now you have the opportunity to dress comfortably without getting any disapproving looks from your mother. Stretchy pants, loose tops, and flat shoes are perfectly stylish.

4. You won’t have any embarrassing alcohol-related mishaps. It happens to the best of us during the holidays, but this year you won’t have to have your sister hold your hair back as you lean over the toilet or scour your cousin’s Facebook for blush-worthy photos after drinking too much spiked cider.

5. Laziness doesn’t exist. No one will be able to blame you for doing all of your shopping online, having brunch catered or hiring a maid to put your house in order. No matter what you do (or don’t do), there will be no accusations suggesting you’re slacking off.

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6. You can blame everything on pregnancy hormones. If you happen to get in an argument with your grandmother, can’t stop yourself from crying at those adorable Christmas commercials or accidentally let out a cringe-worthy belch in front of your relatives, you can simply blame it on the hormones. It’s not your fault.

7. Traditions are suddenly more meaningful. As you go through the motions of decorating the tree, lighting the menorah or counting down at midnight, you’ll start to think of the impact that these activities will have on your little one in the future. This could awaken the holiday spirit in you and make your celebrations more special.

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8. Gifts are more helpful. Your relatives won’t have to think hard about what you could use this year, meaning you won’t likely be given any ugly scarves, useless gadgets or kitschy home decor items. Instead, you might receive useful gifts for the baby, nursery items or even cash. Win!

9. Advice and name suggestions will be plentiful. Okay, you might not want to know what your great aunt thinks is an adorable name for your baby, or find out how your uncle used to handle your cousins’ hiccups. But somewhere in that barrage of advice and names that you’ll likely receive, there may be a gem or two.

10. It’s easy to spread the news. If you recently found out that you’re pregnant during the holidays, there’s no better time to share the news with your family and friends. And you won’t have to waste money, gas or time making phone calls or visits!
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